Applloo II

Undertaking – A Mixed Media Political Series  

Undertaking is a new way that Elaine He developed for conveying the political issue and opinion under her circumstance in this era. The whole series is a claim of unspoken sensation that the artist deals with the daily life political opinion in New York, and the anxiety of living in the turmoil which includes both China and the United States political changing in 2016. The work contains tapes under the heavy body paint which is a hidden structure, and it has been torn up and bring out the new structure of the work.The whole work is an experimental attempt which is wandering between the essence and the metaphor upon the abstract and political art. 


Applloo IV

Trilogy 2016, 2016

Space, Consciousness, 2016



Applloo, 2015-2016



Surface, 2015

Redundancy, 2014

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